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What is a Rivet?

A rivet is a fasteners that consists of a head and a stem, this fasteners is used to permanently secure two panels together. Clarendon Specialty Fasteners is one of leading distributors of the Stanley POP rivet range, which we distribute across many markets including Aerospace, Motorsport and Industrial.
POP Rivet

What is the difference between a solid rivet and a Structural Rivet?

A structural rivet has a stem that helps to guide the installation of the rivet, making them ideal for blind applications (where the back of the panel is not visible), once the rivet is installed the stem is broken off. Whereas a solid rivet does not have a stem making them better for non-blind applications. Clarendon Specialty Fasteners is a distributor of Stanley’s POP brand of structural rivet (TAPK and TAPD).
Solid RIvet