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What is a Threaded Insert?

A threaded insert is a thread repair solution. The basic principal is that if you have a damaged thread or you need to strengthen a thread you would drill it out and install your desired insert and this will then give you a perfect thread. There are three main brands of thread repair inserts Keenserts, Timeserts and Helicoils. Clarendon Specialty Fasteners is a distributor of the Keensert branded inserts which are the markets premium thread repair solution.
Threaded Insert

What Threaded Inserts do we supply?

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners is one of the world’s largest distributors of Keenserts which are a brand of threaded inserts. We supply metric locking inserts (KNML), standard metric inserts (KNM), heavy duty metric inserts (KNHM), lightweight metric inserts (KNCM), metric keensert tooling (KRTM), imperial locking inserts (MS51830-XXXL), standard imperial inserts (MS51830).

Keensert installation tool KRTM