Aerospace Nuts

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Aerospace Nuts

Clarendon Fasttrack sells a wide range of aerospace nuts this range includes imperial floating anchor nuts; imperial fixed anchor nuts; metric standard k nuts; imperial standard k nuts; metric high temperature k nuts; imperial high temperature k nuts.

What is a K Nut?

A K nut is a special type of aerospace flanged locking nut widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry. Each K nut has a recommend usage of 15 cycles. Clarendon Fasttrack sells both metric (PH135M) and imperial (MS21042) K nuts.

K Nut - Aerospace Nuts

What is the difference between standard and high temperature K nuts?

Standard K nuts are alloy steel and cadmium plated whereas high temperature K nuts are stainless steel and silver plated this gives them a higher temperature rating, other that the temperature rating and material there are no strength differences between the two types of K nuts.

What is an Anchor Nut?

An anchor nut is a self-locking nut plate that be in a fixed for floating cage, these are commonly used on panels.

Anchor Nut - Aerospace Nuts

What is the difference between floating and fixed anchor nuts?

The only difference between a fixed and floating anchor nut is that a floating anchor nut moves freely within its cage, the advantage of this is the anchor nut will be less affected by vibrations and also allows for an easier installation.

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