Introducing the Range


Shear pin latch with adjustable strike pin. Above & below panel fixing. 120 Above & 125 Below Panel Series

AeroCatch 2

Extended shear pin provides shoot bolt locking into prepared frame. 220 Above & 225 Below Panel Series

AeroCatch 3

Compact high strength tension latch for drawing together panels. 350 Above Panel / Pocket series

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Technical Information

How do you install an AeroCatch 120 Series?

What is the difference between above panel and below panel?

All 3 ranges of AeroCatch come with an above panel fitting solution and a below panel fitting solution. Whilst both solutions offer are low profile once installed the below panel option takes this a step further making the AeroCatch fit flush to the panel. Please see the below animations to better explain this, if you need anymore information do not hesitate to contact us!

If you need anymore information about AeroCatch please contact us or visit the Installation and Technical page on the official AeroCatch website.